LIFEBLOODWIZARD TOUR Pt.2 with Crisis Skateboards

Part 2 of the LifeBlood and Blood Wizard summer tour can be enjoyed below. It has awesome footage of the Broomfield Park, Northglenn, Arvada, and Jerry’s franken-ramp. The level of skating from these dudes is amazing, and the awesome factor is high. Look for apperances from myself (Fuzz), Crisis teamrider Connor Grosh and Meta ripper Jack Spanbauer. What a good summer it was.

Lifeblood X Blood Wizard Summer Tour – Part 2 from Lifeblood Skateboards on Vimeo.


We also have the Blood Brothers Collabo deck in stock for you to keep enjoying this tour under your feet!



WHY’s IT GOTTA BE BLACK? @crisis skateboards

NEW MID NOVEMBER GOODS @crisis skateboards

Think Skateboards has been on a roll lately. Here are some new beannies and Crewneck Sweats for y’all


New Bones materials for your skateboard addiction!

Check out the new Lowcard mag. We got some love in there thanks to the Blood Wizard and Lifeblood homies.

It’s cool to look back on what a rad tour that was with words from Bryce Kanights!

New Fallens in at CRISIS SKATEBOARDS: The Derby

Check out these new digs that just came in. It’s Garrett Hill’s new shoe called the “Derby”. Mmmmm look at that.  A cup soled shoe with a full serving of support and a side of style. hahah.

CRISIS SKATEBOARDS: 5 Lines with Chris Schwartz

Chris Schwartz rules. He rolled his ankle pretty hard this summer, but he’s back and skating smoother than ever. Check out his 5 lines at Northglenn park and most of all…..enjoy. Filmed and edited by Blaine Davies with support from Crisis Skateboards.


CHEERS TO TWO YEARS: Crisis Skateboards

Its been two years now since the launch of our shop. Its been amazing to say the least. Thanks for all of the support, and we can’t wait to further serve the skate scene in our area. Check out an edit that we put together for this occasion filmed and edited by Blaine Davies featuring Justin Rice, Connor Grosh, and the rest of the Crisis team. Thanks again everyone! Enjoy.

THE COMMUNITY by Connor Erickson

Connor Erickson, local ripper, student, and good friend of Crisis made a mini-documentary that lets us all know that we can keep it in the family. Its for the love. Give it a click. Have fun!


Mr. and Mrs. Crisis would like to announce….


Tasty LowcardXFallen collabo mids in one of the greatest shoes ever…..the Forte Mid.

The Escapist Video dropped this week. It’s called Red and Yellow, and it rules! Come grab one of these and explore Kansas City through the lenses of the locals. Oh yeah…. Sean Malto has a part too!

noLove just dropped some new wheels for all of you guys. Give em a push.

We got a bunch of Roger boards in stock! Come see them in all kinds of fruity flavors.

 Dang… these look sick. And they’re P2′s for all of you pop fiends.

Yessiree…. coaches Jackets are perfect for this time of year…. and we got em.


Connor Grosh was the first dude on the Crisis Team. He rips. Its cool to see him skating well and now skating for Null Skateboards.

Congratulations Connor! Check out his welcome video below!